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The first day of summer arrives

“Joy is contagious and always manages to discover a solution where logic only found an explanation for the error.”

The first day of summer arrives

{anc} wall fountain (blue) @ The Summerfest ’21 event (June 19th – )

CHEZ MOI @The Arcade 

CHEZ MOI Banana Bed
CHEZ MOI Pineapple&Doggy L
CHEZ MOI Sunnyside Aqua Pillow
CHEZ MOI Sunnyside Blue Lamp
CHEZ MOI Sunnyside Blue Pillow
CHEZ MOI Sunnyside Camel Pillow
CHEZ MOI Sunnyside Cooper Lamp
CHEZ MOI Sunnyside Green Lamp
CHEZ MOI Sunnyside Lounger PG
CHEZ MOI Sunnyside Orange Lamp
CHEZ MOI Sunnyside Peach Pillow
CHEZ MOI Sunnyside Pink Lamp
CHEZ MOI Sunnyside Pool (PG)
CHEZ MOI Sunnyside Shower PG
CHEZ MOI Sunnyside Wall Flags 1
CHEZ MOI Sunnyside Wall Flags 2
CHEZ MOI Sunnyside Yellow Lamp
CHEZ MOI Terra Plant Vase

[Commoner] Retro Cooler / Yellow @ The Summerfest ’21 event (June 19th – )

DaD @ The Summerfest ’21 event (June 19th – )

DaD “Bamboo Divider -Floor planks 6×6- c/m
DaD “Bamboo Divider Corner w lighting” c/m
DaD “Bamboo Divider Straight w lighting” c/m 1
DaD “Climbing Plant 01” c/m
DaD “Climbing Plant 02” c/m
DaD “Climbing Plant 03” c/m

Disorderly @Collabor88

DISORDERLY. / Serving Summer / Mint Multi / Right Decor
DISORDERLY. / Serving Summer / Pink Multi / Left Decor

Granola Magical Mushrooms Pack One. PG.

Kalopsia @Collabor88

Kalopsia – Ducky float
Kalopsia – Kittie Pool (Pastel)

Little Branch @Man Cave 

LB_CrispyGrass{Animated}Seasons LB_CrispyGrass{Animated}Seasons*Soft

 .Peaches @ The Summerfest ’21 event (June 19th – )

.peaches. Kiska Summer Picnic – Candle Sticks
.peaches. Kiska Summer Picnic – Chanti
.peaches. Kiska Summer Picnic – Summer Blanket
.peaches. Kiska Summer Picnic – Table
.peaches. Kiska Summer Picnic – Wine Glass


Schadenfreude Cauldron Drink Cooler
Schadenfreude Large Beach Ball
Schadenfreude Large Beach Ball, float

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