Diary Post

These shoud be Aili´s Christmas room…

” Dream with something and will come true!”

These shoud be Aili´s Christmas room...


CHEZ MOI Lafayette Bed (Adult)
CHEZ MOI Lafayette Lamp L
CHEZ MOI Lafayette Nightstand
CHEZ MOI Lafayette Pouf

Dahlia  Collabor88

Dahlia – North – Birch Logs – Silver
Dahlia – North – Display Panel Moulding – Gold
Dahlia – North – Fireplace – Marble
Dahlia – North – Fireplace Tools

dust bunny & con . tinsel living room . presents
dust bunny . animal stools . bunny . white
dust bunny . arctic animal planters . penguin . white
dust bunny . arctic animal planters . polar bear . white
dust bunny . arctic animal planters . sleeping fox
dust bunny . cocoa cart . with dispenser


Granola. Andie Aloe Plant.
Granola. Andie Books Cream.
Granola. Andie Candles Rose V1.
Granola. Andie Candles Rose V2.
Granola. Andie Cane Armchair Wood1 PG Fatpack.
Granola. Andie Display Shelf Wood1.
Granola. Andie Rainbow Sculpture Cream.
Granola. Andie Side Table. Wood1.
Granola. Andie Singing Bowl V2

Granola. Andie Terrazzo Clock Cream.
Granola. Andie Trinket Boxes.
Granola. Andie Vases V1.
Granola. Andie Vases V2.
Granola. Saffron Cabinet ~ Color Set 1.

+Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland II – Modern – Curved w/ Tails
+Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland II – Modern – Vertical
+Half-Deer+ Mini Christmas Tree II – Modern

Loft & Aria – Millicent Pendant Light – Silver

Movement  @Collabor88

MVT – Box of roses
MVT – Cheers and books
MVT – Cute straws
MVT – La vie en rose pillow

NOMAD // Winter Holiday Scene // Midnight Base @Collabor88

Schadenfreude @Collabor88

Schadenfreude Diamant Champagne Bottle (touch me)
Schadenfreude Diamant Champagne in Bucket (touch me)
Schadenfreude Glass of Diamant Champagne

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