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Holidays wind

“With winds of change in the air floating I go…”

Holidays wind

BROKEN ARROWS – Flora Arrangement V.2 @Collabor88  

 Disorderly . / Accent Neutral / Green @Collabor88  

Fancy Decor @equal10

Fancy Decor: Jenkins Books and Vase
Fancy Decor: Jenkins Bowl
Fancy Decor: Jenkins Bubble Box
Fancy Decor: Jenkins Lamp
Fancy Decor: Jenkins Marble Box
Fancy Decor: Jenkins Side Table

Fancy Decor @Collabor88  

Fancy Decor: Marin Candles
Fancy Decor: Marin Console Table
Fancy Decor: Marin Incense Burner
Fancy Decor: Marin Painting
Fancy Decor: Marin Statues


Granola. Sachi Armchair PG. Pastel Dreams.
Granola. Sachi Floor Lamp Gold. Glow Only.

Kalopsia @kustom9

Kalopsia – Niari’s Bench
Kalopsia – Niari’s Mirror
Kalopsia – Niari’s Short Vase
Kalopsia – Niari’s Tall Vase
Kalopsia – Sand & Shells Lamp (Blue/Green)
Kalopsia – Shells Collage Lamp (Blue/Green)


Pitaya – Cushion Collection Part I GREEN
Pitaya – Vintage baskets 01 (natural)
Pitaya – Vintage baskets 03 (natural)
Pitaya – Wicker Baskets – Plant light

Soy. Old Box Electric Fan @Collabor88  

ZAKER @Tres Chic

ZAKER : Lilly Bed PG
ZAKER : Lilly Books
ZAKER : Lilly Lamp
ZAKER : Lilly Plant Vase
ZAKER : Lilly Sidetable


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