Diary Post

Camdem Condo

“Living in a city with some extra style”

Camdem condo

Consignment [Con.] City Bar cart @Collabor88

 Disorderly @Collabor88  

DISORDERLY. / Grunge Clutter / Chair
DISORDERLY. / Grunge Clutter / Guitar
DISORDERLY. / Grunge Clutter / Chandelie

Fancy Decor Marchand Collection @Collabor88

ZAKER Chiara Set  LEVEL Event

reBourne prefabs (furnitures not included) The next 72 hours from today’s release, the home is available for 50% discount.  It’s discounted at the price of $7,000L, and after the discount period ends, it will be sold at the full price of $14,000L.

Basic info:

263 LI (ground version)
267 LI (skybox version)


* while much of the build is modifiable, the nature of mesh makes this difficult to edit. Unlinking may result in a higher LI (and possible overflow on your parcel) and malfunctioning of the menu. Modifications are made at the owners own risk. Please proceed with caution. We cannot fix builds or textures, you will need to rez a new build.

Skybox and ground version are BOTH included – choose which one to rez from the rezzer menu!

he house menu customizes your user experience with Camden.
The controller can be found near the converted lift shaft/ entrance hall

House menu options:

• window tint (off, 50%, 100%)
• lights:
sauna lights (on/off)
ambient house lights (night/day)
• steam (from the air ducts) (on/off)
• 6 wall options (plaster, old plaster, bricks painted, bricks grunge, bricks light, bricks dark)
• 2 loft floor options (wood light, wood dark)
• 5 living room floor options (wood light, wood old, wood dark, concrete, concrete grunge)
• 2 kitchen and gym floor options (concrete, concrete grunge)
• home controller access (owner, all, group)

For skybox version only:
• skybox scenery resizer (30m, 45m, 64m)
• scenery options (city night, city night 2, city day, beach, urban, field, mountains, lake, fantasy, winter, park) each scene option has 11 variables, for a total of 121 scene options.
• remove scenery
• sounds (swamp, thunder storm, forest, magic, ocean, breeze, city, crickets, birds, none)

Sauna animations:

38 animations in total:
6 female single sits
6 male single sits
5 couples cuddles
12 teasing (foreplay)
5 hot (adult) with harder/softer control
4 hotter (adult) with harder/softer control

Space for 4 avatars with the latest BENTO animations with facial expressions and other features. {minor edit}


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