About Me

My name is Loly Hallison, i being playing SL for arround 8 years. I started with a proyect called “Once upon time” was a store of vintage furnitures and deco. Recently i started again my proyect with the new mesh style and new hide quality animations. Also i love to take pics on my free time, that´s why i decide that i can help people showing the differents options for their avatar and their virtual dream house, because ofc i love to decorate. I also deco lands for events, groups, photo sets, or just for live in these crazy world, hope you enjoy my taste.

I want to say just one more thing: please sorry for my english and “my bad” if i write something WRONG, i`m from Argentina, i know pretty good english languague but i know myself that i make a lot of mistakes for sure, so please thanks for follow me even with my “errors” 😀

Let me know anything you need, and i will be please to help you as soon as possible! Also please let me your comment for make a better place for us 😀