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Summer on the backyard!

"We can dream with those amazing summerdays again"  Disorderly @Summerfest ’22 DISORDERLY. / Lightly Shelled / Dome / BlueDISORDERLY. / Lightly Shelled / Jars / BlueDISORDERLY. / Lightly Shelled / Jars / WhiteDISORDERLY. / Lightly Shelled / Wine Stands / BlueDISORDERLY. / Lightly Shelled / Wine Stands / White @Summerfest ’22 dust bunny . areca… Continue reading Summer on the backyard!

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Mira bien!

"I believe that we can make some dreams come true!"  Disorderly Sweet Society @Collabor88   Granola Cart | Roux Collection @FaMESHed Kalopsia Liz’s Set @Collabor88 Lagom Saga Mannequin Little branch  RedLeaf Trees Nomad Occult Ruins @Collabor88 Soy. Expandable Ivy Trellis Kit @Collabor88

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Un dia de relax

"Let´s take a deep breathe and thanks to God for new opportunities" andika  Retro Futuristic soft serve ice cream Dispenser-B  @Collabor88 CHEZ MOI CHEZ MOI Emily Dressing Table (Adult)CHEZ MOI Emily Eyeshadow PaletteCHEZ MOI Emily Makeup TrayCHEZ MOI Emily Personal Tray Elm. Melody Table Lamp [Silver]  @Collabor88 Fancy Decor @Collabor88 Fancy Decor: Actaeon Art PrintsFancy Decor:… Continue reading Un dia de relax

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Léeme las estrellas

"Dime que me deparan los astros en los ultimos dias de verano" DAD  @ Uber DaD "Dramatic Curtains mod 02 left"DaD "Dramatic Curtains mod 02 right"  Disorderly / Electric Panels / Diamond / @Collabor88 Fancy Decor @ Uber Fancy Decor: Axel Accent Chair (adult)Fancy Decor: Axel ArtFancy Decor: Axel Clutter TrayFancy Decor: Axel Coffee TableFancy Decor:… Continue reading Léeme las estrellas

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Valentine´s time

"Let me dream that is still possible in some way, and are a special Valentine´s for all in some place" BAD IDEAS ' Ugen's Whiskey @Collabor88 DAD  @ Uber DaD "Dramatic Curtains Clips" x 6DaD "Dramatic Curtains mod 01 right"DaD "Dramatic Curtains mod 02 right"DaD "Dramatic Curtains mod 03 right"  Disorderly / Rosy Shelves /… Continue reading Valentine´s time

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Spring feelings on my room

"Sometimes we just need the perfect moment for inspiration" Apple Fall Cushion - Toile, Blush Ariskea Ariskea[Abbey] Tassel LampAriskea[Ryu] Rattan Baskets [1]Ariskea[Ryu] Rattan Baskets[2] BROKEN ARROWS @Collabor88  BROKEN ARROWS - Alice Bird Candle - Rose (Worn) BROKEN ARROWS - Alice Cabinet - Rose  DaD Design DaD - Climbing Ivy - mod.01 - c/mDaD - Climbing… Continue reading Spring feelings on my room

Being Sexy in SL

Some place to take vacations

"Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another." 8f8  8f8 - just add water - Little Pine8f8 - just add water - Little Pine & Stones8f8 - just add water - Little Pine & Stones with Cicada sound Ariskea @ The Summerfest ’21 event (June 19th – ) Ariskea[Flamigo] Flamingo Decor[1]Ariskea[Flamigo] Flamingo Decor[2]Ariskea[Flamigo]… Continue reading Some place to take vacations

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The first day of summer arrives

"Joy is contagious and always manages to discover a solution where logic only found an explanation for the error." {anc} wall fountain (blue) @ The Summerfest '21 event (June 19th - ) CHEZ MOI @The Arcade  CHEZ MOI Banana BedCHEZ MOI Pineapple&Doggy LCHEZ MOI Sunnyside Aqua PillowCHEZ MOI Sunnyside Blue LampCHEZ MOI Sunnyside Blue PillowCHEZ… Continue reading The first day of summer arrives

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My lemon trees

"Every mistake leaves a teaching, every teaching leaves an experience, and every experience leaves a mark." DaD @Uber DaD "Les Memoires - Bust of Girl" c/mDaD "Les Memoires - Hydrangea Plant in pot" c/mDaD "Les Memoires - Wrought Iron Table" c/mDaD "Les Memoires Corrugated Rugs Set 01" c/mDaD "Les Memoires Corrugated Set Rugs 02" c/mDaD… Continue reading My lemon trees

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Little corner

"Difficulties do not exist to make you quit but to make you stronger." Apple Fall Cushion - Satin, Beige Dahlia - Sunny - Crocus Big Planter - Cream Fancy Decor Metro Collection @FaMESHed Fancy Decor: Metro ArtFancy Decor: Metro Chair (adult)Fancy Decor: Metro ConsoleFancy Decor: Metro LampFancy Decor: Metro Rug Kalopsia @Anthem Kalopsia - Kendal… Continue reading Little corner