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Y comenzo el otoño!

"Colores nuevos que nos traen nuevas ideas e inspiraciones" Bricolage Bricolage Fall Pillow Set One - JungleBricolage Fall Pillow Set One - MaizeBricolage Fall Pillow Set Three - Feathers 1Bricolage Fall Pillow Set Three - Gold TulipBricolage Fall Pillow Set Three - PillarsBricolage Fall Pillow Set Two - Orange TulipBricolage Fall Pillow Set Two -… Continue reading Y comenzo el otoño!

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Holidays start at the pool house

"Keep you positives toughs and things will be open for you faster" DAD DaD "Country PoolHouse" PG + FAMILY c/m v.1.1 @FaMESHed DAD @Collabor88  DaD "Saw Palmetto" - Cluster Short - c/mDaD "Saw Palmetto" - Cluster Tall - c/mDaD "Saw Palmetto" - Single Tall - c/m Dahlia & MADRAS  @FaMESHed Dahlia X MADRAS - Praiano -… Continue reading Holidays start at the pool house

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La casa del acantilado

"Y en esos dias de verano..." CHEZ MOI Zween Set @Cosmopolitan Event DAD Swan Bird Planters @Anthem HISA  HISA – Climbing Vines – Green AHISA – Climbing Vines – Green BHISA – Climbing Vines – Green DHISA – Climbing Vines – Green FHISA – Climbing Vines – Green H MADRAS Yasmeen Arch Decor @Cosmopolitan Event… Continue reading La casa del acantilado

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The table is ready

"Christmas in the end is always about family together" Fancy Decor: Manor Ornament Collection @ FaMESHedFancy Decor: Manor Tapered Ornament (hammered gold)Fancy Decor: Manor Ornament (matte blue)Fancy Decor: Manor Ornament (white speckled)Fancy Decor: Manor Ornament (white filigree)Fancy Decor: Manor Finial Ornament (glossy white)Fancy Decor: Manor Finial Ornament (gold)Fancy Decor: Manor Finial Ornament (blue glitter)Fancy Decor: Manor… Continue reading The table is ready

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Spring sunlights

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Apple Fall Cushion - English Garden, Blue [-BLUE SKY-] Peacock Mirror FANCY DECOR  @Uber Fancy Decor: Dario Console Table (with books)Fancy Decor: Dario Folding StoolFancy Decor: Dario Leaning ArtworkFancy Decor: Dario Petrified Wood FANCY DECOR @equal10 Fancy Decor: Kleine BooksFancy Decor: Kleine ClockFancy Decor:… Continue reading Spring sunlights

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Extinguishing lamps

"Always be yourself, but day after day try to be better." Fancy Decor  @UBER Lewis Sectional Sofa – black (adult)  Fancy Decor: Lewis Side TableFancy Decor: MartiniFancy Decor: Lewis Coffee TableFancy Decor: Lewis Vase with BranchesFancy Decor: MugFancy Decor: Lewis RugFancy Decor: Lewis Wall Art MADRAS Dinosaurs Light Decor Brass @Fameshed  [Rezz Room] Box Siberian Husky Puppy Animesh 

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Is a good moment for open a Champagne…

"The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it" Apple Fall Marketplace  Apple Fall Crane Figure - Short, BrassApple Fall Crane Figure - Tall, BrassApple Fall Cushion - Satin, BeigeApple Fall Cushion - Satin, BronzeApple Fall Cushion - Satin, Peacock DaD "Les Memoires Flowerpot" c/m Fancy Decor Eklund Collection @FaMESHed Fancy Decor: Eklund Chair… Continue reading Is a good moment for open a Champagne…

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Peacock room

"If you want different results, do not do the same." Apple Fall Marketplace  Apple Fall Cushion - Satin, BeigeApple Fall Cushion - Satin, BronzeApple Fall Cushion - Satin, Peacock Fancy Decor Eklund Collection @FaMESHed Fancy Decor: Eklund Chair (adult)Fancy Decor: Eklund Coffee TableFancy Decor: Eklund Concrete Wall PanelFancy Decor: Eklund MagazinesFancy Decor: Eklund PaintingFancy Decor: Eklund… Continue reading Peacock room

Being Sexy in SL

The pool at the patio

"It is by acts and not by ideas that people live." Fanatik Architecture :Fanatik Architecture: Palm 10 natural:Fanatik Architecture: Palm 11 natural:Fanatik Architecture: Palm 4 vibrant:Fanatik Architecture: Palm 5 Double vibrant:Fanatik Architecture: Palm 6 vibrant:Fanatik Architecture: Palm 7 natural Kraftwork and Fancy Decor @ The Arcade Gacha 1 Fancy Decor + KraftWork Voda Extra Floor Parts1 Fancy Decor +… Continue reading The pool at the patio

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Valentine´s clutters

"Start wide, expand further, and never look back" Ariskea @Cupid Inc Ariskea[Jetset] Abstract PaintingAriskea[Jetset] Cabinet -GoldAriskea[Jetset] ChandelierAriskea[Jetset] GlobeAriskea[Jetset] Passport & KeysAriskea[Jetset] Table Lamp - GoldAriskea[XOXO] Fraise et Chocolat Dahlia Dahlia - Amore Frame - WhiteDahlia - Lovestruck - Angel Frame - White/GoldDahlia - Provence - Rose ClocheDahlia - Shades of Love - Macaroon Tray - Silver… Continue reading Valentine´s clutters