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We had a beauty meating at the greenhouse

"Let it happen, and your brain will go with your mood!" Atelier Burgundy + Pitaya @Anthem AB + Pitaya . Cozy Greenhouse . BenchAB + Pitaya . Cozy Greenhouse . Broken chairAB + Pitaya . Cozy Greenhouse . ChairAB + Pitaya . Cozy Greenhouse . Chair w/ BlanketAB + Pitaya . Cozy Greenhouse . CupboardAB… Continue reading We had a beauty meating at the greenhouse

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Un poquito de amarillo!!!

"Dejame soñar en colores brillantes, como el amarillo" BROKEN ARROWS  - Fresh Lemons - White @Collabor88   Dahlia  @Collabor88   Dahlia - Spring Bliss - Lemon Curd - DispenserDahlia - Spring Bliss - Lemon Meringue Pie - DispenserDahlia - Spring Bliss - Lemon Meringue SliceDahlia - Spring Bliss - Small Vase BonusDahlia - Spring Bliss - Tulip… Continue reading Un poquito de amarillo!!!

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Last autumn feels

«The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.» Disorderly Autumn Comfort / Ladder @Collabor88Disorderly Autumn Comfort / Ottoman @Collabor88Disorderly Autumn Comfort / Dresser @Collabor88 Fancy Decor LaRue French Press @Collabor88 Soy Dried Plants Set [B] @Collabor88Soy Dried Plants Set [F] @Collabor88Soy Dried Plants Set [D] @Collabor88Soy Dried Plants Set [C]… Continue reading Last autumn feels

Being Sexy in SL

Some place to take vacations

"Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another." 8f8  8f8 - just add water - Little Pine8f8 - just add water - Little Pine & Stones8f8 - just add water - Little Pine & Stones with Cicada sound Ariskea @ The Summerfest ’21 event (June 19th – ) Ariskea[Flamigo] Flamingo Decor[1]Ariskea[Flamigo] Flamingo Decor[2]Ariskea[Flamigo]… Continue reading Some place to take vacations

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Is a good moment for open a Champagne…

"The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it" Apple Fall Marketplace  Apple Fall Crane Figure - Short, BrassApple Fall Crane Figure - Tall, BrassApple Fall Cushion - Satin, BeigeApple Fall Cushion - Satin, BronzeApple Fall Cushion - Satin, Peacock DaD "Les Memoires Flowerpot" c/m Fancy Decor Eklund Collection @FaMESHed Fancy Decor: Eklund Chair… Continue reading Is a good moment for open a Champagne…

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Magical details

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." BROKEN ARROWS @Collabor88 BROKEN ARROWS - Northern - Blue Sideboard (Gold)BROKEN ARROWS - Northern - Frames (Gold)BROKEN ARROWS - Northern - Purple Sky Light (Gold) [Rotation] Dust Bunny dust bunny . lunar craft . aromatherapydust bunny . lunar craft . crystal displaydust… Continue reading Magical details

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My holidays in Positano

Positano on Italy's Amalfi Coast is full of so many amazing things to see and do that it can ... you absolutely cannot miss when visiting Europe! Dad Designs Marketplace @ANTHEM DaD "BoraBora Lounger" A v.1.0 DaD "BoraBora Tent" DaD "Pineapple basket bamboo" DaD "Pineapple basket gold" DaD "Pineapple light string Bamboo" DaD "Pineapple light… Continue reading My holidays in Positano

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Working from home…

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” -Albert Camus, Nobel Prize-winning philosopher Fancy Decor Satie Set @Collabor88 New!!! Fancy Decor: Satie Artwork (frame texture change) Fancy Decor: Satie Tray Cart Fancy Decor: Satie Milk Frother (special gold edition) Fancy Decor: Satie Coffee Machine (special gold edition) Fancy Decor: Satie… Continue reading Working from home…

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A place for creativity

(...)They came at night leaving fear behind Shadows were on the ground Well, nobody knew where to find him No evidence was found I'm never coming back They heard him cry And I believe him Well he never meant to do anything wrong It's gonna get worse if he waits too long Billy, Billy don't… Continue reading A place for creativity

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Booking some clients!

After three intense days of work in RL, this morning in my new office I am ready to take some clients and prepare the agenda of photos and decos to do! Today I was rejected again in a brand for which applies, reminds me of the old days where I received several of these responses… Continue reading Booking some clients!