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Ready for Christmas night out!

"Just take it easy and smile" Body Maitreya Lara V4.0 Head LeLutka Avalon New Evo Bento HD   Skin [Glam Affair] – Milou [LelEVOX] #Beige   Shirt&Jacket Zenith= Willow  @collabor88  Pants  friday  »  blakely leggings [maitreya] @collabor88  Shoes Breathe Masaki X @the epiphany Hair Tableau Vivant Festiva Hair + Lights on @Collabor88  DaD Les Memoires - Covered Christmas Sofa - GROUP GIFT Mainstore

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Una tarde de descanso

Body Maitreya Lara V4.0 Head LeLutka Avalon New Evo Bento HD   Skin [Glam Affair] – Milou [LelEVOX] #Beige   Dress – Dead Doll  Dress and wings  Sweater  Dead Doll Quinn Sweater @Uber Short  Dead Doll Joanne Shorts Shoes [BREATHE] Tamiso Boots-FATPACK @The Epiphany Event Hair TABLEAU VIVANT Ramona @Collabor88

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Just a perfect click!

"There is only one happiness in this life, to love and to be loved" Body Maitreya Lara V4.0 Head  LeLutka Erin New Evolution Bento HD  New!!! Skin Glam Affair Adele Outfit DEAD DOLL  Polar Sherpa Shoes [BREATHE] -Misasa Sneakers-FATPACK  @The Epiphany Hair Tableau Vivant  “Yumai” hairstyle  @Kustom9 Dog [Rezz Room]– French Bulldog Animesh (Companion) @Equal10

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There are gifts for everyone!

“Beautiful old Christmas, with her hair covered in snow and her face ruddy, had done her duty that year in the noblest way, unleashing her rich gifts of warmth and color in all the increasing contrast of frost and snow. "George eliot 8f8 Retracing Joy @The Epiphany  01_8F8– Retracing Joy – Pillowtree RARE 02_8f8 –… Continue reading There are gifts for everyone!

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Perfect harmony…

"It’s crazy to hate all the roses because one punctured you. Give up all your dreams because one of them did not come true." DaD “Les Memoires Cozy Living Set”  @Uber  dust bunny Spooky Inflatable GIFT dust bunny .lunar craft @The Epiphany dust bunny . supply chest . brown . RAREdust bunny . lunar craft . crystal displaydust… Continue reading Perfect harmony…

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The magic of halloween season

"Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out"  Astralia Kuromi Set @Satan Inc Astralia x Kuromi (Bed)Astralia x Kuromi (Garland)Astralia x Kuromi (Neon)Astralia x Kuromi (Speaker)Astralia x Kuromi (Side Table)Astralia x Kuromi (Rug) Crate Mkp Cutie Occult Coffin Shelf @Satan Inc. dust bunny Spooky Inflatables @Satan Inc. dust bunny . lunar craft @The Epiphany… Continue reading The magic of halloween season

Being Sexy in SL

Halloween stuff

"If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary" [Breathe]-Sayome Heels-M.Lara-COPY @The Epiphany kraftwork Wicked Entrance Set @Satan inc. KraftWork Wicked Entrance Set . Pumpkin Bag KraftWork Wicked Entrance Set . Wood Panel Dark Pitaya Bones Collection @Satan inc. Pitaya - Bones Collection - Candles SKULL Pitaya - Bones… Continue reading Halloween stuff