Diary Post

Cheking wedding gifts

A gift of happiness from me to you
A 1p coin so you’re never completely broke,
A plaster to heal all wounds,
A rubber to erase all those little mistakes,
String for you to hold onte when the ground
falls from under you,
A heart so you know you´re always loved,
A star to make all your wishes come true,
A paper clip to hold everthing together,
A marble for when you start to lose yours!
With Love X

Cheking wedding gifts

Serenity Style @Whimiscal

Serenity Style- Whimsy Peacock Family RARE
Serenity Style- Whimsy Plant White
Serenity Style- Whimsy Peacock Strawerry


Aphrodite Bridesmaid Gift Box – Little Heart
Aphrodite Bridesmaid Gift Box – Big


.peaches. Tap That App – Laptop and Books 
.peaches. THOT Mess Scattered Makeup @50LFriday

Dead Dollz 

21. Dead Dollz – Bridal Party – Console
23. Dead Dollz – Bridal Party – Hanging Bridal Gown
Dead Dollz – THoB – A Style

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