Diary Post

Let me deco your soul!

I love to decorate, ofc i need a long way to perfection, but I`m all time trying, and making new sets and scenes, I love to landscaping, create special spots for enjoy my time on SL, so I being thinking, since I spoke with few friends they said me that can be a great idea “may be, deco for others”. So if you need a hand, or if you get your little place on world and you dont know how to deco, or what to do, and you see ton of pics and you want THAT, and THESE, but you don`t have a clue to how to do it, or you can`t buy all that items, but you would love to enjoy them, well I think I can help. My fees will be according to my time, and you can always chat. I have a land already set up for you can check some spots or the quality of my work if you need it. So let me deco your soul, and make your stay in SL a perfect dream!

Let me deco your soul!

Little Branch UmbrellaThorn{Animated}+WildGrass*1Li{Dry} @Hello Tuesday

CHEZ MOI Daise Basquet

dust bunny . dreamy outing (NEW!)

dust bunny . dreamy outing . fruit board
dust bunny . dreamy outing . potato chips
dust bunny . dreamy outing . blanket basket
dust bunny . dreamy outing . croissant sandwiches
dust bunny . dreamy outing . pillow pile . colorful 
dust bunny . dreamy outing . cooler
dust bunny . dreamy outing . picnic basket . natural
dust bunny . dreamy outing . essentials bag
dust bunny . dreamy outing . picnic blanket . grey
dust bunny . dreamy outing . parasol
dust bunny . dreamy outing . net candle . black

[Black Bantam] Decor kitten in your glass

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