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Spell helpers

While this is about magic the funny thing that made me feel this scene is how to put animals in a photo, at least for me, it makes emotions intensify because it makes me feel like when I sit down on my computer to take photos and post and I have my little demons around me, I want to make it positive by saying that they are always trying to help me, but the truth is that they only want attention and pampering; nevertheless that more beautiful company that to have two loving cats that are always making me company in my sleeplessness with my crazy things of SL. To do this the little helpers of IONIC together with their witch game table, iluminate with the amazing lamps from Llorisen, a small resting bench that comes in three color options and with modifiablePeaches  cushions, in the background a little table with deco of unKindness, and that there are plenty of pumpkins in charge of Zen Creations. Obviously I need a vehicle to transport my positions, so{what next} I borrow this beautiful vintage bicycle. The set is assembled inside the greenhouse of[ keke ] along with all the decorative leaflets of the floor and air. The exterior trees are Little Branch.

Spell helpers

unKindness Autumn’s Hall  @Fameshed GO (Console table with runner, complimentary screen and deco pieces)

uk – Autumn’s Hall Deco Balls Bowl
uk – Autumn’s Hall Table Lamp
uk – Autumn’s Hall Console Table
uk – Autumn’s Hall Hat Stand
uk – Autumn’s Hall Decorative Screen

Little Branch LB_JapaneseMaple{Animated}5Seasons Blueprint event

Llorisen aura wire hanging lamp.silver

Peaches Zman Fall Bench (Rustic) /w pump @Salem

[ keke ] @MKP

[ keke ] fall maple leaves . whirling orange
[ keke ] fall maple leaves . whirling brown
[ keke ] fall maple leaves . ground cover . brown
[ keke ] fall maple leaves . ground cover . orange
[ keke ] old garden greenhouse . dark

Zen Creations Zen Pumpkin Urn 1/2/3

{what next} @MKP

{what next} Fall Woodland Drinks (Coffee)
{what next} Fox Mug Decor (Coffee)
{what next} Autumn Bicycle Decor

Granola Esther’s Fortune Set. DARK FULL SET. @Salem

Granola. Esther’s Tarot Cards. Dark.
Granola. Esther’s Crystal Ball. Black.
Granola. Esther’s Rune Stones.
Granola. Esther’s Candle. Black.

IONIC  @The Chapter Four

ionic : Vampire Mouse
ionic : The Flying Witch Mouse
ionic : Forest Witch Mouse
ionic : IT Mouse – RARE
ionic : Harry Raccoon – RARE
ionic : Trick or treat – The White Rabbit

IONIC Brujas {Table set} Dark Wood

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