Diary Post

Another winter path…

“My mistakes were seeds” .

This is one of the best positive phrases of the artist and promoter of Psychomagia Alejandro Jodorowsky. Thinking positively means making a new reading about what we understand by mistakes, which are never a path to nowhere but, in any case, towards the opportunity to learn from experience.

Another winter path...

GOOSE  Snow covered full  @Cosmopolitan New!!!

KAZZA GreenHillCottage – wood structure @Cosmopolitan New!!!

Little Branch  Zelkova Serrata {Animated} 4Seasons  @Uber New!!!

{moss&mink} Igca Love Bench (Adult) @Santa’s Inc New!!!

NOMAD Kool Kids Hangout @Santa’s Inc New!!!

.peaches. Snowball Fight Set – out for FLF 12/14 New!!!

Raindale  Holiday topiary Collection @Santa’s Inc New!!!

Serenity Style Holidays Car @Uber New!!!

Serenity Style Vintage Snowman  SL Winter Shop & Hop SL Winter Shop & Hop New!!!

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