Diary Post

The guest house is on the hill

When I saw this little house, and opened the package immediately an episode of “brothers to the work” came to my mind, where two brothers asked for help to buy their own house and remodel it, since they had been living for years in the house. guests of their parents, saving for some day to have the perfect house for their parties. I am amused because I used for years as a guest house to my mother’s house, of course here having an extra house is only given to people with a lot of money, here is more like having a barbecue at the back of the patio. However, we never had any of that, and to be able to make all the trips that I made, while working to save to spend on them, I used to live for years under the breast’s wings … I can say that I do not miss him a bit (I I mean to live under its rules), but travel … How I would like to have a guest house where to go to save …

The guest house is on the hill

DaD “Winsford Guesthouse” @Uber New!!!  (Snow add on avaible. This Snow Add On fit with “Winsford Guesthouse”.HOW WORK: 1. Rez your “Winsford Guesthouse Snow add on” c/m 2. Select “Winsford Guesthouse” go on edit mode and copy POSITION and ROTATION coordinates 3. Select “Winsford Guesthouse Snow add on” and past POSITION & ROTATION coordinates)

DaD “Winsford House” (at the store, and is the match with the new realese)

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