Diary Post

The room in the attic

I’ve lit the match
My mind is burning
My arms are yearning
My thoughts are turning
Into things I can’t catch.I can’t stop the fire
The walls are aflame
I should carry the shame
Only I am to blame
For the red reaching higher.I’m starting to choke
My mind is too brash
My thoughts turn to ash
My body will crash
I can’t see through the smoke.

I’m only dramatic
There is no fire
The situation isn’t dire
I’ve just tripped over the wire
Pacing through my mind’s attic.


The room in the attic

Book Basket
Francine Chair
Sakura Curtains

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Granola Spring Romance Gacha @The Arcade New!!!

Granola. Distressed Dresser. RARE. C/M
Granola. Bucket Of Roses. C/M
Granola. A Simple Girl’s Hat. RARE. C/M
Granola. Wired Basket. C/M
Granola. Wooden Stand with Tea & Honey. C/M
Granola. Ceramic Chickens. C/M
Granola. Cherries. White. C/M
Granola. Cherries. Green. C/M
Granola. Cherries. Mint. C/M
Granola. Box of Twine. C/M
Granola. Box of Twine. C/M
Granola. Blueberries. Floral. C/M
Granola. Blueberries. Vines. C/M
Granola. Wooden Stand. White Distressed. C/M

[Kres] Amptitude @Man Cave New!!!

[Rezz Room] Bulldog Puppy Sit
[Rezz Room] Bulldog Puppy Familly
[Rezz Room] Bulldog Puppy Bark
[Rezz Room] Bulldog Puppy Play

unKindness  Rollins Bedroom Set @uber New!!!

Rollins Bed
Rollins Nightstand
Rollins Rug
Rollins Table Lamp

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