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Industrial Style

In the past few years, industrial design has become increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. The look is based on combining the best aspects of old-world charm with modern sleekness. In essence, it’s a perfect compromise. However, there’s one big misconception keeping this style from becoming a household staple.
When picturing these designs, we typically think of lofts with big open windows and lots of exposed brick. Those who live in less urban environments may feel they don’t have the right surroundings, that their living spaces are too traditional to really pull off this look.
Let me prove to you that every room can benefit from a dose of industrial style. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to create an industrial design of your own.

Industrial Style

Apple Fall

West Village Billy Ball Stems
West Village Spring Tulips
West Village Seeded Bread & Tomatoes
West Village Pears in Vintage Trug
West Village Rice Milk w/ Carrier
West Village Ginkgo Branches
West Village Heart Eucalyptus Spray
Apple Fall Design Books

Architect  Quantum GACHA @Shiny Shabby MKP NEW!!!

Architect. Quantum Side Table (1)
Architect. Quantum Cabinet (1)
Architect. Quantum Magazines
Architect. Quantum Books (1)
Architect. Quantum Coffee Table (2)
Architect. Quantum Frames (Black)
Architect. Quantum Cowhide Rug (2)
Architect. Quantum Chair
Architect. Quantum Cowhide Rug (1)
Architect. Quantum Eucalyptus Vase (2)
Architect. Quantum Eucalyptus Vase (1)
Architect. Quantum Frames (Brown)

[Kres] Industrial Accents @The Man Cave NEW!!!

[Kres] Industrial Accents – Step Sign – White – C/M
[Kres] Industrial Accents – Step Sign – Brown – C/M
[Kres] Industrial Accents – Book clamp – C/M
[Kres] Industrial Accents – Logs – C/M
[Kres] Industrial Accents – Maps – C/M
[Kres] Industrial Accents – Sofa – PG – C/M
[Kres] Industrial Accents – Step Sign – Black – C/M
[Kres] Industrial Accents – Clock – C/M
[Kres] Industrial Accents – Table – C/M
[Kres] Industrial Accents – Lamp – C/M
[Kres] Industrial Accents – Step Sign – Worn – C/M
[Kres] Industrial Accents – Cabinet – C/M
[Kres] Industrial Accents – Rug – C/M
[Kres] Industrial Accents – Mirror – C/M
[Kres] Industrial Accents – Screws – C/M

 MADRAS @Man Cave NEW!!!

MADRAS Whiskey Wall Decor
MADRAS Tattoo Remover Wall Decor

[Merak] Aries  @Zodiac Event MKP NEW!!!

[Merak] – Aries Hanging Chair
[Merak] – Aries Constellation with Frame

Mudhoney  Aries @Zodiac Event MKP NEW!!!

MudHoney Aries End Table – Fatpack
MudHoney Aries Ram Head – Fatpack

Nutmeg@Shiny Shabby

Nutmeg. Disarray Old Pitcher Lamp Soft Grey
Nutmeg. Disarray Wicker Basket Dark v1

unKindness uK – It’s Lit Table White/Black  @The Man Cave NEW!!!


[Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Sit
[Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Familly
[Rezz Room] Cat Toy
[Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Play
[Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Sleep
[Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Jump
[Rezz Room] Cat Tree
[Rezz Room] Cat Bowl

VARONIS Ascelin Skybox

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