Diary Post

Summer pool

Okay, we wrote this for a purpose, 
To motivate you at this time,
With this hypnotizing bass line, 
Please feel free to lose your mind,
And get high, get money, get sex, get real, 
All intertwined
Oh yeah, this is stadium music, 
Fifty thousand at a time
Let’s get right, let’s get right
Let’s get right, okay (okay)
Let’s get right, let’s get right
Let’s get right, okay (okay)
All the girls want, hot-n-fun
All they looking for is, hot-n-fun
All they ask for is, hot-n-fun
They keep wanting that, hot-n-fun
Look at you, look at me
Look at you, look at me
Let it go



DaD Les Palmiers Gatcha Set @The Arcade

06 -DaD- Les Palmiers- Wall lamp
28 -DaD- Les Palmiers- Butterflies cage
21 -DaD- Les Palmiers- Pineapple Decor
04 -DaD- Les Palmiers- Floor Lamp

GOOSE  Rattan Love seat (grey – white) ADULT @Cosmopolitan

Little Branch Tropical Palm Cluster @Vintage Fair New!!!

Little BranchTropical Palm v2 @The final winter New!!!

MADRAS Elephant corner table set @Cosmopolitan New!!!

MADRAS Apple Tray Decor
MADRAS Elephant Corner Table White
MADRAS Malgudi Apple Days Book

[Merak] Beach Delight Collection @FaMeshed New!!!

[Merak] – Summer Beach Rocks (w/towels) 
[Merak] – Sun Cover
[Merak] – Beach Rack

[Merak] Beach Delight Gatcha Set @The Arcade (Open 1st June)New!!!

02. Floor Cushion for two RARE
03. CLosed Umbrella Type A
09. Floor Cushion Crochet B
10. Floor Cushion Crochet A
11. Floor Cushion Tropical
12. Floor Cushion Summer
13. Floor Cushion Blue
14. Floor Cushion Yellow
15. Bread and Olive Tray
17. Wrapped Sandwich Tray

.peaches. Anchors  Aweigh Beach Chair 

TLC Home

TLC Pelican Animated
TLC Albatross [Hovering]
TLC Albatross [Standing]

UnKindness Pamper Me Set  @Belle

uK -Pamper Me Seat White
uK – Pamper Me Tub 2 uK – Pamper Me Rolled Towels
uK – Pamper Me Crumpled Towel Pink
uK – Pamper Me Crumpled Towel Blue
uK – Pamper Me Candles uK – Pamper Me Slippers Blue

{what next} Seaclose Floating Deck ~ Mainstore Release New!!!

(The Seaclose Floating Deck designed as an add-on for the LL Bellisseria houseboats, but would work well elsewhere but has to used on sim water (real LL water). 4 colours included to complement the houseboats – bleached, cedar, white or gray wood. The deck is scripted with Bento animations for 1-4 avatars (or one couple), sitting on deck, water/pool animations – a fifth avatar can used the diving board, with multiple dive animations!Rezzed using a rezzer with menu, so you can rez the full set or pieces you choose. You can reposition after rezzing. Includes long and short stairs, a wooden ladder (decor only), rope railings with little optional lights and a diving board. Has space for outdoor furniture, loungers etc, too at the end of the deck.)

Land impact: deck by itself with pool ladder: 13li

All other pieces are 1 or 2 li each. The total setup in the picture with railings, lights, diving board and small stairs is 28li.

Optional walkway piece inlcuded, as well as rope railing pieces.

Demo at the mainstore:


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