Diary Post

Private surf lessons

as soft sun filters through palm leaves
and the clouds purple, the skies painted pastel pinks
surfboards stand seven feet tall 
the salt water glowing, sparkling
a dark watercolor blue hue
i am reminded of the spring and summertime
of happier days
as I drive by the sea that glints waves to me

Private surf lessons

friday @Summerfest New!!!

friday – The Old Lawn Chair (Mint)
friday – The Old Lawn Chair (Yellow)

Granola Sea Salt & Sunshine Surf Shop- Green version @Summerfest New!!!

Little Branch LB_FanPalm{Animated}*HighRes  @Summerfest New!!!

[Merak] Summer in Caribbean @Summerfest New!!!

[Merak] – Folding Wood Chair Type A/ Type B
[Merak] – Beach Essentials 

[Merak] – Old Rowboat
[Merak] – Beach Torch

..::THOR::.. Surfer’s Delight Set @Summerfest New!!!

..::THOR::.. Pallet Surf Rack
..::THOR::.. Surf Maintenance
..::THOR::.. Surf Wax
..::THOR::.. Glue
..::THOR::.. Little Wood Planer
..::THOR::.. Surf Fin
..::THOR::.. Dirty Cloth
..::THOR::.. Old Metal Toolbox
..::THOR::.. Fresh Beer in the Bowl – Giver

SUmmerfestSummerfest ´19

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