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Sabores de tè

Color and taste of tea:
After smelling its fragrance, appreciating the appearance of the dried leaf and observing its beauty after the infusion, you should experience the inner beauty of the tea leaf: the color and taste of the infusion.

Oxidation and color:
Each type of tea will produce a different color solution. The slightly oxidized tea will tend to be greener, while the solution of a more oxidized tea will tend to be more red. Green tea has not been oxidized, while red tea (black tea) has been completely oxidized, so its infusions will be more green and red, respectively.

Between the green tea and the red one there is a semi-oxidized tea. In order of degree of oxidation, there are Lu Cha (green tea), aromatic tea, Dong Ding (or Tung Ting), Tie Guan Yin and Wu Long (or Oolong). If they had to be prepared and put in a row, the difference in color from one to the next would be difficult for most people to detect.

In addition, the way in which the tea is roasted will influence the brightness or clarity of the infusion. The lightly toasted tea will be comparatively brighter or lighter, while the one that has been very toasted will produce an infusion that tends to dark. For this reason, the raw tea will produce a clearer and brighter infusion than the processed one.

We should not consider a dark brown tea as too dense; This type of tea is warm and can be enjoyed by people who have an aversion to fresh foods. Although good tea should have a color that suits its type, it should always be beautiful and transparent. When comparing the color of tea infusions, pay attention to the sizes of the cups and the liquid levels of each one.

Sabores de tè...

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