Diary Post

A secret Valentines decorate my office…

(…) We’ll write a song
That turns out the lights
When both boy and girl start suddenly shaking inside
Don’t waste your time
Speed up your breathing
Just close your eyes
We’ll hope it’s not for nothing at all
Lay down be still
Don’t worry talk they will
I’ll be loving you until
Morning’s first light
Breaks tomorrow
I’ll take care of you tonight
Secret valentine (…)

A secret Valentines decorate my office...

Architect. Atelier Chaise [brown] @A+ Event

BONDI Trunk Bar XL (W/Bottles) @Builder’s Box New!!!

Chez Moi Wooden Cuties Gacha @The Gatcha Garden NEW!!!

Whale Love CHEZ MOI
Bunny Gift CHEZ MOI
Bunny Love CHEZ MOI

DaD The Wave Skybox @FaMESHed New!!! Feb 2019 (The first floor has a long fireplace that borders one wall and a half circle pool that sits just underneath the circular staircase that is supported by wire beams on each side to lead you to the second floor living space. Apart from it being a great place for living, it is also fantastic for entertainin)

DaD “The Ladder” ADULT – or PG @Fameshed X New!!!    

[ keke ] @FaMeshed ( starts 1 Feb)

[ keke ] zen orbuculum sphere . gold
[ keke ] zen orbuculum lamp . gold
[ keke ] zen gingko plant 
[ keke ] zen weeds

MADRAS MKP Be my Valentine Decor @Cupid INC (opens Feb. 1st ♥) NEW!!!

MudHoney @Builders Box After Hours New!!!

MudHoney Rosalee Mirror
MudHoney Rosalee Chair Adult
MudHoney Rosalee Table

peaches Resolution Clutter Set (at the store) NEW!!! (Each item is 1Li, and the calendar is for 2019 and texture change!)

.peaches. Tap That App – Laptop
.peaches. Bae’s Journal – Pastel
.peaches. Modeh Ani Tablet Clutter – Tablet

Serenity Style Dont Forget Anything @A+ Event New!!!

Serenity Style- Dont Forget Anything LEAVE YOUR HAT HERE RARE
Serenity Style- Dont Forget Anything PLANNING CLIPBOARDS
Serenity Style- Dont Forget Anything TOOLS HANGER
Serenity Style- Dont Forget Anything BLACKBOARD WITH DRAWERS
Serenity Style- Dont Forget Anything STYLE PANEL
Serenity Style- Dont Forget Anything ORGANIZER
Serenity Style- Dont Forget Anything WALL SCHEDULE

{what next}

Rose Vase Decor @Fifty Linden Friday
Rose Wreath @Fifty Linden Friday

Builder´s Box

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